Neue Gattung und Art asiat. Grubenotter

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Neue Gattung und Art asiat. Grubenotter

Beitrag von domino » Sa Jun 18, 2011 11:51

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A new genus and species of Asian green pitviper is described from Southwest China based on two female specimens. A new DNA phylogeny recovers the two specimens of the new species as a well-supported clade that is sister group to all sampled representatives of the genera Viridovipera and Cryptelytrops. The new genus is distinguished from other pitviper genera by a combination of morphological characters, including the absence of a lateral stripe, large body size, and deep red eye in adult females. Morphologically the new species is superficially most similar to species of Popeia in body dimension and scalation, but is genetically extremely distinct. The new genus/species is currently known only from south Sichuan, where it was found at about 1000 m above sea level in less disturbed evergreen rainforest.
Die neue Gattung heißt Sinovipera, die Art heißt Sinovipera sichuanensis.

PENG GUO & YUEZHAO WANG. 2011. A new genus and species of cryptic Asian green pitviper (Serpentes: Viperidae: Crotalinae) from southwest China. Zootaxa 2918: 1–14
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